A Taboo Thanksgiving: My Billionaire Stepsons Handled The Stuffing

(Twisted Taboo Tales Book 2)

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Year 2017
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Book Description:

Tom loved these kids, and it really hurt him that they refused to even meet me. Now, a year after Tom’s death, they were here. That’s when it finally clicked. They didn’t want to meet me. They wanted to look at the woman that stole their father, and throw her out. The separation was every bit as hard on them as it had been on Tom. They needed to believe that I was some evil seductress that stole their father. I couldn’t give Tom the Thanksgiving family reunion that he and I had hoped for, but I could give Tom’s sons the resolution they needed. “I just wanted to make sure you were all still coming.” I put just a hint of cheesy b-movie seductress in my voice.

“W-what? Uh…yeah…I mean…yeah we can…come.” Jonny was rattled, and for the first time I felt a small victory.

“Great…don’t be late or I might just start without you.” I put it on really thick. There was no doubt I was coming on to him. Maybe if we’d actually met I might have been more creeped out. Since I married his father I was technically Jonny’s mother. Of course I didn’t know any of them. I’d only seen them in pictures. They were all like younger versions of their dad. They were all muscular, handsome, and had black hair and grey eyes. Honestly if I’d been single and ran into any of them I’d definitely have fallen all over myself trying to get them to ask me for my number.

One thing is certain…this is a Thanksgiving they'll all remember.



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