River Basin Management

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Book Description:

In addressing issues on ensuring the prevention or mitigation of the destructive consequences of flood damage or prolonged drought as for the optimal use of water by consumers, sustainable basin land use, biodiversity conservation, and environment protection as well, specialists and their colleagues present the state of the art in these important matters and new possible solutions to solve, identified from the scientific investigations undertaken.

Many of the challenges facing farmers and human communities from hydrographical basins are not new. But, due to the fact that the nature and extents of the problems vary from one region to another and from one basin to another, the responses are highly diversified. There is no generally valid solution for all the problems.

1 Landslides Caused by Climate Change and Groundwater Movement in Permafrost Mountain
2 River Basin Management in the Past and at Present and its Impact on Extreme Hydrological Events
3 Streamflow Response to Climate Variability and Land‐Cover Changes in the River Beça Watershed, Northern Portugal
4 Hydrological Drought Analysis Based on Copula Theory
5 Drought Analysis and Water Resources Management Inspection in Euphrates–Tigris Basin
6 Flood Lamination Strategies for Risk Reduction
7 Sustainable Land Use Planning Model in Rural Basins
8 Modelling Agri‐Environmental Measures for Minimizing Soil Erosion While Protecting Valuable Agricultural Land
9 Riverine‐Based Aquifers and Riparian Exchange: A Conceptual Discussion
10 Monitoring of Surface Water Status in the Lower Danube Basin
11 Turbulence Diffusion Mechanism in Submerged Vegetation Flows
12 Selected Structural Features of the Riverine Plants, Trapa natans (Lythraceae) and Justicia americana (Acanthaceae)
13 Biodiversity of Floodplain Soils in the European North‐East of Russia
14 Freshwater Prawns (Palaemonidae: Macrobrachium) with Abbreviated Larval Development in Rivers of Mexico: Uses, Management, and Conservation Opportunities
15 Landslide degradation by soil erosion, gullying and landslides



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