Being Married: Your Guide to a Happy Modern Marriage

56d83ca166ff3.jpg Author Sharon Aris
Isbn 9781741143218
File size 1 Mb
Year 2006
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category Relationships

Book Description:

This work is an in-depth look at what makes a twenty-first century marriage work: why people get married, how they stay married, and what the secrets are to having a happy marriage. Marriage should be a dying institution, right? It's no longer legally or morally necessary and the divorce rates have made cynics of us all. Yet every year hundreds of thousands of optimistic couples front up to a church, temple, celebrant, mosque or synagogue. "Being Married" asks the big questions: 'Why marry?' and, once you do, 'How do you stay happily married?' Sharon Aris talks to marriage experts and married couples about what they're doing right, what they've done wrong and how they make it work. She gets into their beds and their bank accounts and shares the low-down on the fights, the negotiations and the making up. And she discovers that living 'happily ever after' is easier than you think.

"Being Married" combines loads of real life case studies with the very latest local and international research to look at what really happens within a marriage - like sex, or the lack of it, what happens when the 'sickness' in 'in sickness and health' rears its ugly head, as well as all the outside influences that can impact on your nuptial happiness, including the marriage breakpoint trifecta: money, work, and baby makes three, or four, or five...Loaded with information, humour, commonsense advice and some facts that might surprise you, "Being Married" is the survival guide for the twenty-first century marriage.



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