In Defiance Of Boundaries: Anarchism In Latin American History

In-Defiance-Of-Boundaries-Anarchism-In-Latin-American-History Author Geoffroy de Laforcade and Kirwin R. Shaffer
Isbn 978-0813061108
File size 2.2 MB
Year 2015
Pages 388
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

A pioneering collection of essays on the world of anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists and libertarian thinkers in Latin America.

In this groundbreaking collection of essays, anarchism in Latin America becomes much more than a prelude to populist and socialist movements. The contributors illustrate a much more vast, differentiated, and active anarchist presence in the region that evolved on simultaneous—transnational, national, regional, and local—fronts.

Representing a new wave of transnational scholarship, these essays examine urban and rural movements, indigenous resistance, race, gender, sexuality, and social and educational experimentation. They offer a variety of perspectives on anarchism’s role in shaping ideas about nationalism, identity, organized labor, and counterculture across a wide swath of Latin America.



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