The Damnation Of John Donellan

A Mysterious Case Of Death And Scandal In Georgian England

56d6e46089544.jpg Author Elizabeth Cooke
Isbn 9781846684821
File size 3.3 MB
Year 2011
Pages 304
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

In August 1780 Sir Theodosius Boughton, a dissolute Old Etonian twenty-year-old and heir to a Warwickshire fortune, died in painful convulsions after taking his medicine. The following year after an inquest and trial which became a cause celebre, his brother-in-law, Captain John 'Diamond' Donellan, Irish soldier of fortune and man about town, was tried for his murder. The trial was a shambles. Was Donellan guilty?


Based on extensive research and the engrossing trial transcripts Elizabeth Cooke's book shows the dark and violent underside of the society of Mansfield Park.



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